Mikhail Shumilin

Game and Level Designer

While the world in Tumbleton’s Fortune is cool, playtesters have commented that it’s lacking dynamic objects that allows the player to interact with them.

We listened and introduced moving objects that kick up the excitement level.

We have:

Moving Platforms: these move from point A to B either horizontally or vertically
Buttons: Can be used by the player to do anything from opening doors to exploding things.
Dynamic Boxes: Can be pushed by the player, jumped on by the player, and used to press buttons.
Rotating Objects: Anything from rotating platforms that the player has to navigate to rotating wheels that the player must snap objects to, and then scale.
Spawners: Continuously spawn new objects. We have a pipe that spits out fireballs and other dangerous blocks.

The spawner is especially very fun to watch as it spews fireballs out. We also have it shooting out dynamic blocks that fall onto a ramp and then slide down towards the player, making a nice obstacle course.

All these things are going to be gradually introduced to the player as he progresses through the game. This ensures that every new level adds something new and exciting to the game. The player should look forward to the next level, as it will bring new things.

The plan is to mix these new dynamic objects with the game’s main puzzle mechanic – snapping objects to the game environment.

For example, one of the game’s puzzles involves using a snapping object to create a safe platform for you to jump on as you scale a sloped incline intermittently engulfed by fire. When a wave of fire is over, the player will have to pick up the platform and move forward again, getting ready to deploy it again against the next wave of fire.

Playtesters agreed that these dynamic objects added a ton of fun, especially when mixed with the puzzle mechanic, which is great news to hear.