Mikhail Shumilin

Game and Level Designer

Hi there, this is that one time at E3 when I was asked to perform a Fatality! Anyways, I’m currently a Lead Level Designer at Meta / Ready At Dawn in Irvine, CA, having shipped Lone Echo 2. Previously, I worked as a Level Designer at Sledgehammer Games on Call of Duty: WWII on the campaign and the Zombies co-op mode.

My favorite thing about my job is that I get to lead a team and create content that is experienced by millions of players worldwide. Receiving feedback from them is always a priceless moment for me, and I’m excited about continuing to iterate on my work to craft better experiences.

A while back, I galavanted around the Pacific Northwest and helped launch Project Spark on Xbox One and PC as a game designer at Microsoft. Before that, I was at Z2, channeling my passion by making content for games like Battle Nations and Trade Nations that broke all sorts of Top Grossing Apple charts, and some games like Shadowslayer that didn’t.

I consider myself a very hands-on designer – anything that I can contribute to a game in any way to improve it is my preferred philosophy.

  • Game Dev Start: I started out modding, deconstructing games, and figuring out why they are “fun”. This led me on a path of small critters like SAGE and Torchlight Editor and bigger beasts like Unreal Engine, Hammer and Unity.
  • Education: DigiPen Institute of Technology where I learned programming, design and worked on many teams to make everything from an ASCII adventure to a full blown 3d adventure.
  • 1st Console: SEGA Master System.
  • Fave 5: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Half-Life 2, Uncharted 2, Street Fighter IV, Mirror’s Edge.
  • Work Mentality: When creating something, I try to put my own personal touch to it. If I don’t have a skill I need, I learn it by googling some tutorials, or asking those who know.
  • Constraints: For me, true creative freedom comes from having limits and constraints as opposed to a blank canvas. No matter what project you’re working on, there will always be some kind of limits.
  • Free Time: I enjoy reading short stories, playing competitive Street Fighter, and staying up to date with new video games as I hopelessly try to tackle my ever-growing Steam backlog.